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Artwork Commission Contract


This contract outlines the agreements between Artist and Client.



Artist Information

Name: Gianluca Giarrizzo

Email: gianluca.giarrizzo@gmail.com


Client Information

Name: _________________________

Email:  _________________________

Phone: _________________________


Commissioned Work


(Title of commissioned work or proposed subject/idea)



Down payment (50%): $________

Full payment (Insert specifics of defined finished work: e.g. framed, unframed, etc.): $________


The down payment represents a commitment from both parties towards project commencement. Down payment must be paid no later than 2 months prior to project delivery. Full payment will be met upon delivery of the completed work.



Project will be completed and delivered no later than (Insert agreed upon date).

If unforeseen circumstances arise that prevent completion and delivery of the work by this date, full reimbursement of the down payment will be provided.



Updates of the project will be provided via emailed photos throughout the work process to ensure all expectations and standards are met. All edits and adjustments must be conveyed before delivery of the work.


___________________   Date: __________

Artist signature


___________________   Date: __________

Client signature

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