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"Portrait of No One In Particular 1-10". 2023. Marble. 11x9x10in. (Life-scale)

"Tra Gli Altri". 2019. Marble. 20x13x8in.

In Progress photo "Forma I". 2020. Carrara Marble. 42x19x12in.

"Crema I". 2019. Carrara Marble. Life-size

"Sino a". Carrara Marble. Life-size

“Pensiero 1-27”. 2020. Fired clay. 7 x 2.5 x 2.5in.

"Discesa della Vita". 2017. Alabaster and concrete. 19 x 9.5 x 8.5in.

"Lontano". 2018. Marble. 16x16x16in.

"Platform". 2018. Terrcotta and acrylic. 17x10x14in.

"Lady Wandering". 2017. Alabaster concrete base. 9x5x5in.

"Within". 2017. Plaster and concrete. 14x7x6in.

"Descent". 2013. Bronse and concrete. 21x8x8in.

"Ascent". 2014. Bronze and concrete. 32x8x8in.

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